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self titled, debut album from New England punk band - LEWD.


released May 5, 2019

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Eli Firicano. Album artwork by Adelena Dent-DeVita.


all rights reserved




Formed in 2018 by Ex members of HONEST JOHN (RI)
and SICK JOKE (Ma)


  • Sep 01
    Salem, MA

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Track Name: Facebook Robot Twitter Feed
What a sight it is to see
So many - bent, about taking a knee
Uppity vets and the police
Forgot what American Freedom means
Those kids are the American Dream
Born in abject poverty
They worked real hard
To make thatGreen
Only to retire with CTE

I never thought id see the day
A constitutionalist would say
Its an outrage!
Protesting was too obscene!
I never thought id see the day
Micheal Pence would just
Walk away - without mommy
Protesting was too obscene
I never thought id see the day
You can kill an activist in your way
With a car?!
Protesting was too obscene

Got your rights and freedom of speech
As long as the president agrees
“He should be fired for his beliefs,
How dare that son of a bitch take a knee”
Autocrat hypocrisy
Nationalist conspiracy
Facebook Robot Twitter Feed
Civil war is where this leads

I never thought id see the day
Society would just fall away
To the abyss
Protesting was too obscene
Track Name: Social Justice Warrior
Dont give a fuck about what you say or think if me
You make snap judgment just to make yourself feel clean
Social justice warrior label me obscene
Social justice warrior youre ruining the scene

You wanna tell me what i can and cannot say
Hitler and stalin did exactly the same thing
Social justice warrior always takes offense
Social justice warrior no better than mike pence
Social justice warrior you took my free expression
Social justice warrior you elected trump the president
Track Name: Broken Record Boy (Reboot)
I hear your voice from down the street
Getting closer and my ears start to bleed
Repeating shit you read online
Same shit i heard about a thousand fucking times
You know you do
And thats just fine

You say the same things all the time
Always fuckin with my mind
Often times i cant compete
With all the bullshit you repeat

Same story time and time again
Same excuses, the same heros and villians
Never see the other side
Your heads too thick and youre too motherfucking blind
You know you are
And thats alright

You say the same things all the time
Always fuckin with my mind
Often times i cant compete
With all the bullshit you repeat

What to do with you
I dont know
Broken Record Boy

Youre my friend, but what the fuck?!
Ive heard just about enough

Track Name: What Did You Do/What Have You Done
What did you do
What have you done

I go outside and i am horrified by what i see
‘Cause everywhere is pain and fear and all around is hate and greed
People stand around and argue politics as if they knew a fuckin thing
Changing minds is like pulling teeth

The real problem is we’re people
Tribal in our ways
just a motherfuckin monkey in pants
Stab each other in the backs
Over scraps that the master throws
A lie that we call democracy

Now the monkeys all have nukes
And theyre aimed at me and you
If you got little kids
Theyre aimed down at them, too
Shoulda thought about the future
Instead of hoping for the past
Now we got a cold war on our hands

I wonder when the bombs are gonna fall
These fuckin jerks will kill us all
From twitter storm to
All out war
“He called me rocket man”
“He said he’d burn my fuckin land”
Butt-hurt leaders play with all our lives
While they measure their cocks

What did you find

While youre sleeping
trump is tweeting
Kim jong’s reading
His ass starts bleeding
His finger’s on the switch
A flick of the wrist
A flash in the sky
30 seconds to reply

Instead of making progress
We acted like disease
Society is dying
and bleeding on its knees

Reap what you sow

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